Lake Beauty Bible Camp

Coordinator: Laura Scheer

Lake Union Church has a long-time commitment to sending youth to Lake Beauty Bible Camp through fully-funded registration. Donations from the church, parents, and friends contribute to this ongoing ministry.  

In 2021, the family and friends of Shelby Bainey established the "Shelby Bainey Camp Fund" in honor and memory of Shelby. We share her testimony below and give thanks for this support.


Shelby Bainey Bible Camp Fund

"Summertime with our maternal grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins gave my siblings and I a precious infusion of love, laughter, personal and spiritual growth.

They gave us the gift of church camp at Lake Koronis in 1967 where I met the Lord Jesus Christ and embarked on a journey of faith that positively and forever changed my life and the lives of my siblings, on this side of Heaven and for eternity.

Church Camp was an opportunity for me to step out of the challenges and stress of daily life and escape to a retreat filled with the love, joy, and inspiration of God’s Word. There, I encountered and embraced Jesus Christ and the truth of the Gospel in a way that equipped and empowered my new life in Him. It’s been a fantastic journey!

A well-founded evangelical church camp can build and foster life-long relationships, deliver hope, and has the power to change your life forever through the grace and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


  October 2021  
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