Mission - Siloam Community Outreach, Uganda
Chair, Missions Committee: Misty Bayerl

In September 2018 through the fundraising efforts of Lake Union Church, our goal of building a school for Siloam was achieved!

 There is still more need!
Student access to an education - there is so much need and so little money by families and Siloam to support the costs of education

  • Teacher salaries, school supplies, food (hot meal each day), etc. also add to the cost of an education.  All of this results in $25/month per student to support their education at Siloam Junior Academy.
  • You can sponsor a student ($25/month). As a Sponsor, you provide encouragement and hope for your sponsored child through your messages. The simple act of sending a message brings unimaginable happiness to your sponsored child. When a child knows they have someone on their side, they can be inspired to dream big!
    • Each student you sponsor will communicate with you at least once per term (three terms per year). You will receive a 5x7 color picture of the child with his/her name. 
    • Your support will work hard for the child and the school community of Siloam. You'll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty. 

Our partnership with Siloam focuses on sharing prayers, hope, love and encouragement in the midst of life's everyday struggles.  

A special thanks to the following "partners" for blessing Siloam and Lake Union.