Missions at Lake Union Church represent our outreach to those who are not Christians, places where Christian communities are only starting or had not yet achieved the full structure of the Church. Mission expresses God's relationship with the world, and mission includes evangelization and bringing the Gospel to those who have never heard it.

At Lake Union Church, we are actively involved in supporting missionaries representing other organizations, mission projects led by other nonprofits, and our direct mission/ministry with Siloam Community School in Jinja, Uganda. This support includes ongoing financial support, tangible projects, and sponsorship of students at Siloam School.

We invite you to help with these important missions through your gifts and talents. Email the church at office@lakeunionchurch.org if you have questions.

Missions with ongoing time, talent, and financial support


Ministry Leader: Lynette Sherer
Sponsorships, project support, and mission travel
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Ministry Leader: Sheryl Graphenteen







Mission with ongoing time and talent support


Ministry Leaders: Michal Jude and Christine Treichler
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Missions with ongoing financial support




Siloam School (Jinja, Uganda)

Safe Families for Children