More Information - 2018 Building Project

Siloam Community Outreach in Jinja, Uganda, needed our help! With our monthly support and their hard work, things were improving for Siloam but there was still a long way to go.

We launched the fundraising campaign on June 10 at the worship service.  Lynette and Larry Sherer traveled there on September 12 to spend time with Pastor Peter and his family and to help get Siloam fully moved from their rented land/building (shown to the right) to the purchased land.

For Siloam Junior Academe to meet government regulations, they were required to build a new, permanent building on the newly purchased land.  A permanent pit latrine was also required and was completed in April of 2018.

The church raised over $12,000 for the new school - praise God! The concrete floor was almost finished by the time Lynette and Larry left Uganda. The school fully transitioned to the new land and building late 2018 with almost 200 students as of the first term of 2019.