Student access to an education - there is so much need and so little money by families and Siloam to support the costs of education

Teacher salaries, school supplies, food (hot meal each day), etc. also add to the cost of an education.  All of this results in $25/month per student to support their education at Siloam Junior Academy.

You can sponsor a student ($25/month). As a sponsor, we ask that you pray for the child and send a message of hope and encouragement. (The church will make sure an image of your message gets to that child.) The simple act of sending a message brings unimaginable happiness to your sponsored child. When a child knows they have someone on their side, they can be inspired to dream big! 

Each student you sponsor will communicate with you at least once per term (three terms per year). Upon sponsoring, you will receive a 5x7 color picture of the child with his/her name.  Your support will work hard for the child and the school community of Siloam. You'll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty.

Some important notes about the list of students below.

  • Please look through the entire list of students and pray about who God calls you to support. There is no "order" in the list as to who is at risk (they all are) or grade level. If you see a student that looks older than their grade level, that may be because there have been gaps in their term attendance due to financial hardship.
  • Please verify the student you are considering is "Not yet supported." (For various management reasons, we leave students on the list and add "Supported!" rather than delete the photo and information.)
  • Siloam, like Uganda and other third world countries, struggles to keep secondary students in school. Securing food and water (basic necessities) each day is very challenging. Couple that dynamic with education costs and something has to give. Your support of a secondary student will keep them in school and fight a future of poverty, insecurity and unemployment.
  • 100% of your funds go to Siloam to support your student's and the school community's expenses.

Don't "do" PayPal and you want to sponsor a student?No worries! Simply write a check and designate "Uganda Sponsor" including the child's name and leave it in the offering on Sunday or mail to the church (74526 CSAH 19, South Haven, MN 55382). Contact the church at office@lakeunionchurch.orgor call 320-398-2992 if you have questions.