Pastor Peter - Siloam School news and updates

July 1, 2019

With your support over the last year, our journey to help the Siloam school in Jinja, Uganda, has gained a lot of momentum. Together we completed the new school and pit latrine on owned land, and we began the sponsor program. Lake Union Church, through you, is the main source of hope for this school. 

May 16, 2019

The first report - briefly we had 170 pupils this term whereby out of the sponsorship funds we managed to buy uniforms for 20 pupils, we have 14 staff members whereby 10 are teaching and 4 are supporting staff members...their salaries are being paid every month from the church and sponsorship support. The funds were used to buy food stuffs for both staff and children; out these funds we paid also office rent and power bills, part of these monthly funds we repaired some desks but still this term we need more desks and finishing up the temporary building. Funds also fuel and repair the motorcycle and support children's exams.

We really appreciate the support and may God bless the church for their ongoing support and the sponsors to help vulnerable children....the challenge we have is that the main building needs glass in windows because when it rains if is affecting children and the calendar due to heavy rains....may God guide you as you share these with friends and we also praying for you and all sponsors...we love you and much blessings

April 11, 2019

Pastor Peter sends his greetings to all sponsors and the church. He shares the thanks and gratitude of the students, teachers and staff for your prayers and support.




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The school is now preparing for end of term exams and report cards.  This term, many students received new uniforms and, where needed, shoes! The school transitioned from the rented building/land before beginining this term and the new school building now has electricity, a new pit latrine, and is connected to government water. And the student population has grown from ~150 to almost 200! So many prayers answered and wonderful things happening.

Your funds support teacher salaries, staff (administrator, cook) salaries, and provide much needed supplies for your sponsored student. Your sponsor support assures your student is in school, receiving an education, receiving a hot noon meal, and needed supplies. Your support along with the church's monthly mission support benefits other students as well. Teacher and staff salaries support the families of those working for Siloam.  It is common in Uganda for a teacher to get another job so they can feed and support their family since many schools struggle paying their staff.  This can result in teacher absences in the classroom. With your support, this does not happen. 

Lives are begin changed and hope is enduring through sponsorships and monthy support ($100) from the church. Thank you for having a heart for God's people in Uganda!

Deuteronomy 15:11 (NLT) "There will always be some in the land who are poor. That is why I am commanding you to share freely with the poor and with other Israelites in need."

[Prayer request - Pastor Peter is asking for prayers for Jackie. Jackie, 9 years old, shared with a shop keep that her aunt keeps mistreating her, denying her food and not allowing her to attend school.  Pastor Peter will be visiting Jackie and her aunt to reach out and help them.]