Siloam News - June 2019

June was a busy month for Pastor Peter and Siloam!


Giving thanks and praise! 18 sponsored students!
As of June 30, there are now 18 sponsored students resulting in $450/month in support for Siloam!  Eighteen sponsored students are almost 10% of the Siloam student population! 

It is hard to convey the impact of this support on each sponsored student as well as the student body.  A sponsored student is assured their school fees, uniform, and supplies are provided for each and every month while in school.  In addition, sponsor support indirectly benefits all students at Siloam through support toward teacher and staff salaries along with the purchase of food and soap.  

A BIG thank you to all sponsors!  (100% of the sponsor income is given to Siloam! If a sponsor uses PayPal, the income reflects the net of support minus any PayPal fees.)



Pastor Peter graduated!
Pastor peter was among the 9th graduation of church leaders trained by Vision Training Centre at Ssazard Bugembe. He obtained his certificate and Diploma. This is a great accomplishment for him and we extend our congratulations to him on this achievement! 




Esther Nakakande, a newly sponsored student 
Esther is one of the young, strong praise and worship team members. She is an orphan; her aunt could not afford her medications, feeding, education and other needs so we praise God for enabling her to get a sponsor. Esther now has access to an education and a bright future!



Grateful for hard working teachers!
Pastor Peter's greatest joy is that the teachers are working hard and serving children with one heart because the monthly sponsor  funds enables the students to pay on time and children who are sponsored are very committed with church programmes and their families are very happy.


Glass is installed in the windows!
The torrential rain literally kills people, and we prayed for the school to have glass in all the windows. When it rains heavily, it affects the students and destroys children's books. Prayers were answered and a donor at Lake Union Church contributed almost exactly the amount needed to fully fund the glass for the windows! This will make a very big difference for the students and staff in conducting classes during torrential rain and wind.


Pastor Peter is coming to Lake Union in December!
Pastor Peter submitted the paperwork for his passport and the Uganda government recently interviewed him. He anticipates receiving this sometime in July.  We are excited about this since we are then on target for him to come to the United States in December and visit Lake Union Church! 

Extending our sympathy on the passing of Vivian Nakato
One of the students on our list available for sponsoring passed in June, Vivian Nakato. Vivian's mother took her to the hospital and in the middle of the night she passed away. Her mother needs our prayers. 







Pastor Peter will be including financial overviews in each monthly newsletter.  The financials linked here are for the first six months of 2019. We left the unit measure in Uganda shillings since applying a conversion rate that changes daily may be somewhat misleading.  A rough calculation can be made by figuring 350,000 UGX/$100 USD.  Click here to view Siloam's January through June 2019 financial report.