Siloam (Uganda) Partners in Christ
Ministry Team Leader: Lynette Sherer

Siloam (Uganda) Partners in Christ projects

We are grateful for our partner, Pastor Peter Mabonga, at Siloam Community Outreach in Jinja, Uganda.  Siloam is a church/school committed to educating a young person and lifting them out of a future of poverty. Our support, along with the support of others, transforms lives at Siloam.

Below are various projects currently going on through our partnership with Siloam. 

I want to help...

Check the "Uganda - Siloam Community Outreach Project" box and if you want to designate for a specific project please add that to the notes.  100% of the net funds (minus any PayPal fees) go to Siloam!

Want to learn more about what is happening at Siloam?  Check out the Pan Atlantic Partners FB page where regular posts update you on the many wonderful projects and opportunities occuring at the school.


News and Information


Click Here Background of Siloam School (penned by Pastor Peter)


Click Here Siloam News - June 2019





Sponsor Program


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Partnering with Siloam

Click Here More Information - Partnering with Siloam


Church support through Missions budget

Mission Trip - June 2020! 

Pastor Peter coming in March 2020 (tentative)!





New School - Building Project 2018


Click Here More information - Building Project 2018







Thank you for your support!